lets party like its 1999

i'm trying to forget someone/something/someplace

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7 January
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i like to dance around my room in my underwear and take lots of polaroids.

i'm looking for a good time.
"lets get it on", 80's music, allison, americas next top model, arts high school, awkward situations, awkward teenage sex, bad hamburger jokes, bad spelling, bagels, bangs, being hopelessly in love, being pretencious, bitch please, bitch stole my bangs, boys named matthew, buttsex, buying ridiculously expensive yarn, calling you baby, camp unistar, cass lake, christian slater, chuck t's, clothes, cocaine, cory devor, crafty people, curly haired boys, currans moms sex life, dancing, degrassi, dicks fries, dinner parties, dirty hair, dirty motels, double fucked, down comforters, dr. m, earings, egyptian cotton sheats, flashdance, french, fry bread tacos, gap inc., gary wilson, getting mail, green eyes, growing up, hard times cafe, heartbreak, heathers, high school parties, hipsters, holding hands, homesickness, humidity, interpertive umbrella dances, intimiate gatherings, jelousy, john "hard core" hanson, johnnys seasoning salt, jonas's virginity, journals, kat henning, kevin clark, kissing, knitting, lacy underwear, legwarmers, leroys minows, liberian girl, lips, little star, long black scarves, love, love letters, making out, matching bras and panties, minneapolis, mixed tapes, naked time, naps, old man sweaters, old people, open windows, opening packages, perkins circa 1:30 am, phil collins, picking noses, pictures of shoes, polariods, potato pancakes, rad, radiohead, rain boots, rainy nights, red shoes, rilo kiley, rockabilies, screenprinting, seattle, sebastion cole, sending letters, showering with others, sleep number beds, smog, songs about love, spooning, spread, straight teeth, strawberry lip gloss, striped socks, stuffy noses, summer, summer nights, sweaty hands, sweaty summer sex, talking ghetto, target, tears for fears, the 80's, the color green, the cure, the jewish people, the love bellow, the microphones, the oc, the olsen twins, the phrase "lovemaking", the red tent, the word balla', the word ridiculous, too long pants, ugly casanova, umbrellas, uncomfortable couches, unconciousness, underwear, unistar, using other peoples showers, van morison, wet hot american summer, white sheats, x's 100, yo la tengo, zines

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